Adding more disks to the NetApp OnTap Simulator

Per default the Simulator has only 28 disks. But there is a way to add more disks which is described in the following post.

  1. Login to your Simulator using SSH.
  2. Unlock the “diag” user and assign it a password:
    > security login unlock -username diag
    > security login password -username diag
    Please enter a new password: <password>
    Please enter it again: <password>
  3. Log in to the system shell using the diag user account:
    > set -privilege diag
    *> systemshell local
    login: diag
    password: <password>
  4. Add the directory with the simulator disk tools to the path:
    % setenv PATH “${PATH}:/usr/sbin”
    % echo $PATH
  5. Go to the simulated devices directory:
    % cd /sim/dev
    % ls ,disks/
  6. Add two more sets of 14 disks to the currently unused adapters 2 and 3:
    % vsim_makedisks -h
    % sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 23 -a 2
    % sudo vsim_makedisks -n 14 -t 23 -a 3
    % ls ,disks/
  7. Now we’re done with the system shell. Logout and reboot the Simulator:
    % exit
    *> security login lock -username diag
    *> system node reboot local
    Warning: Are you sure you want to reboot the node? {y|n}: y
  8. After the reboot login and assing all disks
    > disk show -> you should see lot’s of unassigned disks now19
    > disk assign -all true -node <NODENAME>
  9. Now your simulator has 28 more disks to use with aggregates.

I hope this post was useful for your tests.
Feedback is very welcome.


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