NetApp Insight 2015 – Must see sessions

2015-11-06 21_49_30-NetApp Insight Berlin 2015

Next week from 16-19th there will be NetApp Insight 2015 in Berlin. NetApp Insight is the major partner and customer event during the year and already took place in Las Vegas couple of weeks ago in a US version.
Now the conference is moving to EMEA and will bring tons of news and technology updates with it.
This will actually be my 7th Insight I will visit so I can say that I’m now more or less a old fogey.
As I’ve seen a lot of sessions and demos during the last years I will try to give you some advises what might be really interessting to see.
I’m a technical guy, that’s why I usually only go to tech deep dive sessions.
Anyway let’s start with the highlights:

As it is the NetApp major conference there are lots of sessions around the NetApp story and the jounery to the data farbric.

1836-3 – Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1® Storage Operating System Networking Deep Dive
1961-3-TT – Deep Dive–StorageGRID® Webscale Performance and Sizing
2096-3-TT – Clustered Data ONTAP® Transition: Complex SnapMirror® Environments
2305-2 – VMware® on Clustered Data ONTAP® – New Tricks and Best Practices Update v5.0
1688-4-TT – Advanced Storage Bottleneck Analysis with Perfstat
2260-4 – Advanced NetApp® Storage Management with Microsoft® PowerShell®
1672-4 – WFA3.1, Ontapi®, .NET–Getting the Full Power of Automation
1935-3 – Deep Dive on NetApp® AltaVault® Integration with Amazon Web Services™
1904-2 – NetApp® SnapMirror®–Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3® Storage Operating System Deep Dive
2068-2 – Deep Dive on Advanced Disk Partitioning (ADP)

One of my favorite vendors is for sure Cisco. Thats why I can highly recommend the following session.

2194-4 – FlexPod® with Cisco® ACI Deep-Dive
2276-4 – FlexPod® with Clustered Data ONTAP® Deep Dive
2197-2 – FlexPod® Solutions with UCS® Mini and FAS25xx for Small Data Centers and ROBO

For sure I highly can recommend to see one of our three session around our joint solutions and integration as well.
BTW the sessions are going to be fully booked, so hurry up and try to get a free seat.

Almot Full: 3122-3 – Veeam®Software–Veeam Availability Suite, Deep Dive on NetApp® Integration by Luca Dell’Oca
FULLY Booked: 3144-4 – MTE: Veeam – Availability in Your Data Center with Veeam® and NetApp® Solutions by Andreas Neufert
FULLY Booked: 3142-3 – Veeam®Software: Designing a Veeam® + NetApp® Data Protection Architecture by ME 🙂

Presentation by NetApp:
2342-2 – Veeam Backup and Replication Best Practices with NetApp® E-Series by Eric Kemp

Looking forward to see you there.
Feel free to contact me at our Veeam booth.


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