The IT is changing

Over the last couple of years a lot of things changed in the IT business. Looking back in the early 21. Century there was one vendor introducing the virtualization on commodity hardware. VMware was for sure the big horse driving this business. Since then we saw a lot of other products coming up in the market. Lot of them appeared and disappeared over the time. Right now we are facing to environments where 80-95% of all systems are running in virtual machines. More than that we’ve much more virtualization coming up in the last years. In a modern data center you can find virtualized storage as well as virtualized applications. And the network virtualization is already there already. You will find data center where the IT staff if facing to multiple depending layers of virtualization to deliver the services. Virtualization is making thing easier and more flexible for sure but on the other site it is adding a lot of complexity as well. It’s not that easy to understand all the different layers and especially not that easy to know what to do in case of and failure. That’s the reason why lot of companies are thinking about orchestration and management these days. When we look to the availability demands in these data center we see that the company are depending on their infrastructure and data more or less to 100%. At the end they need to make sure that the systems are online and accessible 24/7 and any kind of downtime is unacceptable. It is mandatory to have the right tools and design in place and you need to make sure that in case of a disaster there is somebody who can handle the tools and manage to come back online as soon as possible. That’s exactly what Veeam is thinking about and what the availability suite can deliver. Make the availability easy to focus on the core business in your data center.


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