VCC Series Post 2 – Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – Service Provider configuration

In this blog series you will learn step-by-step how to setup and configure Veeam Cloud Connect to offer Backup-as-a-Service.

This series contain 3 blog posts:
1. Veeam Backup & Replication installation (already posted)
2. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – Service Provider configuration (this post)
3. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – End-Customer configuration (will be posted on Feb. 6th)

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – SP Configuration

Now that your Veeam Backup & Replication is installed you can proceed with configuring Veeam Cloud Connect Backup.

Therefore, please follow the steps to create the backup repository and configure the base settings.

  1. Open Veeam Backup & Replication by using the icon on your desktop
  1. Click “Connect” to connect your client with your installation on the “localhost”. If you’re using a external device, like your PC to connect, please replace “localhost” with your server name.
  1. The Veeam Backup & Replication Interface will open up
  1. Navigate to the “Cloud Connect” section to start with the initial configuration.
  1. First step is to specify a SSL certificate for the secure communication. Please select “Manage Certificates”
  1. We recommend to import your own certificate. Otherwise you can also generate a new, self-signed certificate. After the certificate is imported or generated please click “Finish”.
  1. Next step is to add a Cloud Gateway. Please select “Add Cloud Gateway” to start the wizard.
  1. On the first page you can specify a second server to be the Cloud Gateway. In our case we will use the same server. You can also define the external Port to be used for all the Cloud communication. We highly recommend to leave the port on its default.
  1. Next step is to define the external IP-Address that is used by the End-customers to access and transfer the data to the cloud.
  1. After defining the external IP Address, you can review and proceed with the Cloud Gateway installation.
  1. Please end the wizard after the installation is complete by clicking “Next” and “Finish”
  1. Now that the Veeam Cloud Connect basic configuration is complete we can go ahead and configure the Cloud Repository. Therefore, please go “Backup Infrastructure” and select “Backup Repositories”.
  1. To add a new Repository please click “Add Repository”. In the wizard you can define a Name.
  1. Next step is to define the Repository Type. As you are using a local mounted disk volume you have to select “Microsoft Windows Server” and confirm with “Next.”
  1. On the following page you can define the Repository Server. In our case the server is the same that hold the installation and the Cloud Gateway. Please click on “Populate” to see all available disks and select your disk letter that holds the E-Series (here F:).
  1. Next is to define the folder where the backups should be stored as well as a concurrent task limit. You can leave the default here.
  1. Please leave the following pages on default and finish the wizard by clicking “Finish”.
  1. The basic configuration is now completed and you can go ahead and configure your Tenants.That’s it with post two. Your Veeam Cloud Connect Backup installation is now ready. In the next post you will see how a tenant is configured and how the end-customer is adding the Cloud Repository.

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