VCC Series Post 3 – Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – End-Customer configuration

In this blog series you will learn step-by-step how to setup and configure Veeam Cloud Connect to offer Backup-as-a-Service.

This series contains 3 blog posts:
1. Veeam Backup & Replication installation (already posted)
2. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – Service Provider configuration (already posted)
3. Veeam Cloud Connect Backup – End-Customer configuration (this post)

Service Provider tenant configuration

To get your End-Customer access to your cloud offering you need to create Tenants.

  1. To create you tenants please go to the “Cloud Connect” menu and click on “Add Tenant”.
  1. On the first page you have to define the username and password for the new tenant. You also need to define which service this tenant is able to use. As we are talking about Backup-as-a-Service in this guide only you need the select “Backup storage (cloud backup repository”. And finally, if you want the set an expiration of the contract, you can set a “Automatic expiration”.
  1. Next step is to define bandwidth and performance settings. You can set the maximum concurrent tasks your customer can backup (one task is one vmdk) and choose if there should be bandwidth throttling.
  1. Last step is to define the backup repository and space your tenant is able to use.
  1. Click on “Add” to open the wizard. Define the “Cloud Repository name” and select the E-Series to be the backend repository where the data is stored. Also define the quota for your use (how many data can he store in your cloud). In our case the user “cloudcompany” will be able to store 400 GB of data in the cloud.
  1. Last step is to finish the wizard
  1. You will now see your tenant within the cloud connect section.
  1. You can now provide your customer with your public IP as well as User and Password and he will be able to add the Cloud Repository.


End-Customer configuration

After everything is ready and the end-customer got the credentials he can proceed with configuring the Cloud Repository.

  1. Navigate to “Backup Infrastructure”, select “Service Providers” and click “Add Service Provider”.
  1. In the wizard enter the public IP Address or domain.
  1. Veeam will now contact the service provider and receive the certificate. The next steps is to add credentials. Therefore, click “Add” and add your credentials.
  1. The click on “Next” will verify your credentials and show you your cloud repository and space afterwards.
  1. By clicking “Next” the cloud repository will be added to your Veeam installation.
  1. With one last click on “Next” and finish the configuration is finished.
  1. You can now run your backup copy or backup jobs directly against the cloud repository.With that Blog 2 is done and I hope to see u back when the final post about the End-User config is online.

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