How-To ONTAP 9.1: root volume damaged

Recently I had two power outages on my lab. And after the second one my ONTAP 9.1 simulator came up with the error:
“root volume damaged”
“please contact NetApp support”
“The contents of the root volume may have changed and the local management
configuration … This node is not fully operational.
Contact support personnel …”

But as it is an simulator I tried to fix by myself. And after a while I found a solution that fixed it for me. If you see the same error the how to below can may help you out.

IMPORTANT: The following how to was used for a ONTAP 9.1 simulator in a NON-Production environment. No warranty and don’t use it in production clusters.
You are performing everything on your own risk so please always involve NetApp Support.

1. Reboot the Simulator Node using “halt
2017-05-05 17_19_37-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
2. When the system restarts press “CTRL+C” to exit the boot and you will see the loader
2017-05-05 17_20_12-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
3. In the loader unset the following boot argument:
unsetenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery
2017-05-05 17_21_53-Start
4. Type “boot_ontap” to reboot the system and let it boot normally
2017-05-05 17_22_26-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
5. It will take now a lot of time as ONTAP will repair the system in the background
5.1 After a while you will be able to login but there is still no volume, svm or cluster info available
5.2 You can change to the advanced mode of ONTAP to check some status using “set -privilege advanced” (Please be aware that this is a mode for NetApp support, don’t use it on production systems and don’t change any settings as you might destroy your system)
2017-05-05 17_05_18-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
5.3 To check the cluster DBs use “cluster ring show“, while the system is repairing you will see errors, but after a while the errors should disappear
2017-05-05 17_04_20-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
5.4 To check the volumes use “volume list“, for cluster “cluster show“, for network “network interface show” and for aggregates “aggr show“.
6. As soon as there are no more errors and you are able to see everything only your system is back in normal state.
2017-05-05 17_11_38-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
7. Reboot the system again, go to the loader (see above) and change the setting back with:
setenv bootarg.init.boot_recovery true
2017-05-05 17_21_13-HomeVM - - Remote Desktop Connection
8. Boot ONTAP and everything should come back without an issue

If that was useful for you feel free to share on social media or comment.


3 thoughts on “How-To ONTAP 9.1: root volume damaged

  1. That’s exactly what I needed!
    Our 9.0 Simulator got moved (& restarted I think) and was giving us this error 🙂

    Thanks a heap!


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