Synology 1517+: User, Folder/Share Configuration

Now that the first two posts on the initial setup are out its time to get users access to the system and show you how to setup User and Folder/Shares. FYI, the screenshots are a mix of english one (from Synology guides) and german ones (as my system is installed in german language, not translated).

This blog post is the first of a new series showing you the initial as well as some advanced setup of the Synology. The planned posts are:
1. Initial setup – already posted
2. Disk, Volume and Network Configuration – already posted
3. User, Folder/Share Configuration – this post
4. CloudStation Configuration
5. Surveillance Station
6. A first look into Virtual DSM

To create a folder click “Systemsteuerung” on the main screen.
2017-07-03 16_59_31-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation
Select “Gemeinsame Ordner” to create a new, shared folder.
2017-07-03 18_14_31-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation
On the folder creation screen you need to define a name (this will also be the share name) and the volume you want to put it on.
2017-07-03 18_14_49-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation
There are a lot of advanced options you can enable and select if needed.
With a click on “OK” you folder will be created and be available on the network.

To start the user configuration open the main menu and click on “Benutzer”.

2017-07-03 18_12_35-RLPNAS02 - Synology DiskStation
The wizard will now guide you through some screens. You need to define the username as well as a password and where this user should get access to. It is very easy and straight forward, that’s why I don’t explain in detail how it works.

In the next post I will show you how to perform the CloudStation Configuration.

I hope you liked this post and can recommend to stay tuned for the upcoming posts. Feel free to comment and share on social media.

Thanks for reading.


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