Synology 1517+: Initial setup

As my Homelab is growing and the data explodes it was time to replace my private NAS system with a new one. As my current one, a Synology DS213j, works since 3 years without any problem it was clear for me to look at Synology again. I love the features they offer esp. the Cloud Station and the Surveillance Station as well as the multi-protocol support are key for me in my lab. And as they recently added their own Virtualization layer called “Virtual DSM” it was also clear that I will go for a model supporting it. After some research the decision was made that the new one will be the DS1517+, Synology’s new 5-bay flagship. As disks I’m using the Seagate IronWolf 4TB NAS disks. FYI, the screenshots are a mix of english one (from Synology guides) and german ones (as my system is installed in german language, not translated).

This blog post is the first of a new series showing you the initial as well as some advanced setup of the Synology. The planned posts are:
1. Initial setup – this post
2. Disk, Volume and Network Configuration
3. User, Folder/Share Configuration
4. CloudStation Configuration
5. Surveillance Station
6. A first look into Virtual DSM
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